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Good Experience
I have been seeing Nancy on and off for years. She has really helped me with my low back and hip pain. My quality of life is so improved.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, headaches , and neck pain. I have been seeing Nancy for almost a year. The pain in my hands and thumbs was so severe when I first came. I now have quite good control. When the pain wandered to my shoulder and knees she was able to get rid of it with one treatment and it didn’t return. My headaches have also improved. I will be coming forever, to maintain control as I don’t tolerate most of the medications I was put on.

I have been seeing Nancy for several years and my back pain stays in good control with acupuncture on a semi-regular basis. I also notice that I hardly ever get headaches anymore and if I do they are so mild and brief. I am pleased with the results and will continue to get semi-regular acupuncture.

I have had the opportunity to work with Nancy the owner of Good Health Acupuncture over the past two years. I have been her patient on numerous occasions. From the bottom of my heart I can attest, Nancy has been a wonderful healer, and helped me with my back, knee, shoulder and migraines with great success. This has been because of her skillful and compassionate care. She has provided me with long term pain relief and relieved my pain totally. I have been to a few acupuncturist, and Nancy is by far, the best,

Myles Doren

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Good back pain control
I work in the construction industry and have near chronic back pain. Have degenerative arthritis and get good control with acupuncture. I usually get so relaxed I fall asleep on the table!

Very Pleased
I see Nancy every two weeks for chronic pain that is quite severe. I am not a good surgical candidate and have spinal stenosis and degenerative changes in my low back. I have seen Nancy for almost two years and am pain free when I get off her table. The benefit can last up to two weeks before it starts creeping back. I am very pleased as I am able to function much better. I am taking some supplements she has recommended that seem to help. I have also learned some appropriate exercises for my back!

I have been seeing Nancy now for more then a couple years off and on. She has helped me with recovering from a failed back surgery that has left me in pain for most of the time. I had gone to another acupuncturist and got no relief so I quit going. My doctor suggested I try again, so, I found Nancy through my in network insurance company. I saw that she is a nurse also so decided to give her a try. Nancy is very kind and compassionate. She makes sure that I’m feeling better when I walk out of her office. When I first starting seeing Nancy I could hardly walk. I am walking better, not having as much pain, and am able to enjoy life more then I did a couple years ago. I will continue to see her for all my acupuncture needs. Do not hesitate to make Nancy your acupuncturist, you’ll be happy you did!

Caroline Doren

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Nancy Has treated me for Fibromyalgia type pain and more recently allergies and sinus congestion. I have had great pain relief that last for months on end. It only took a few treatments to get my sinus problems under control. I am pleased.

I had a thoracic back fusion in 2013 and I really wish I had not had the operation. I was in more pain after the procedure for several months and nothing including pain meds was working well. It wasn’t until the acupuncture and cupping therapies that I was able to get some significant pain relief! I am thankful and very pleased with the results. Nancy was also able to help my husband with his shoulder pain and the relief he got was immediate, significant and lasting.

Happy with the results!
Nancy has treated me for control of my breakthrough acid reflux. I have been able to significantly decrease my attacks as well as decrease the amount of omeprazole I have to take. I do not have the severe belching attacks and stomach pain I had.

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